The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

Monday, 20 January 2014


From Kandersteg, I headed over to Grindelwald for a week.
I ran an introductory icefall climbing week for Petroc (North Devon College) who I've been working closely with for a number of years now.
The students, most of which who are on an Outdoor Education Course based down in Devon, come out to the Alps on a grant funded 2 week work experience trip. The students learn to ski, understand what it's like being a ski instructor, have a day snow shoeing and come out with me and learn the basics of ice climbing and understand a little more about what it's like being a Mountain Guide. They also understand what it's like working in a resort like Grindelwald, opening their eyes to what achievable if they 'want it' enough! 

Shay working his technique on the steeper ground at sector Schwendi, Grindelwald, Switzerland

Scooby enjoying the good ice climbing in Grindelwald this week

Fraiser! doing a great job, pushing himself on the short but steep test piece at the end of the day - Grindelwald, Switzerland

Trudy enjoying the steeper ice on the central steep pillar - Grindelwald

We found some great ice this week but it's been warm (+4/5 degrees) in the day and it's not freezing overnight - at this rate the ice isn't going to there for much longer, we need it to go cold again.

The driving force behind the week - Mike Bazley, enjoying some time out today and doing what he loves, which is getting out climbing!

Conditions still sound pretty good over in Cogne, the top of Valsaverenche would also be a good bet, as would high up in the Arolla and Zinal valley's.

Stay safe



  1. Thanks for the mention! Shame you got fraisers picture up not mine ;) cheers Chaz L

    1. Sorry Chaz, I've now updated Fraiser's name to the photo. It's difficult to remember not only everyone's name, but also what they were wearing!
      I'll send mike all the photo's later this week.
      All the best Ade

    2. It's okay :) and thanks again for a great day and sweet I'll be sure to get them from him