The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Great week climbing in Catalunya last week.
Glenn and I flew into Barcelona and headed North West to Lleida.
We stayed 10km outside of Tremp in a small hamlet on top of a hill called Santa Engracia where Glenn had stayed previously. It's a stunning position high above the valley floor with fantastic views, especially those looking North to the Pyrenees. 
We stayed with Jane Newman who runs Casa Mauri, a cluster of rustic and very nicely put together self catering appartments on top of the hill. Every morning you wake up to views like these, while the surrounding valley is still shrouded in cloud.

Santa Engracia and Tremp are super close to all the climbing venues and great places to hang out.

Casa Mauri

Bruxies in Terradets

Glenn 'warming up' on Jam Sesion 7b, Bruxies in Terradets

Heading across to La Pedrera in Collegats (don't forget leather gloves if you head over, there are some split wires on the cable heading over and they shread your hands!)
We linked up with some other friends Paul Swails and Kris McCoey over from Ireland.

Paul Swails enjoying Fleck 7b at La Pedrera, Terradets in Catalunya

  Kris McCoey on-sighting Talibans go home 7a at La Pedrera, Collegats in Catalunya

Kris enjoying the climbing at La Pedrera, Collegats

Paul Swails crushing Happy Flowers 7c+ at La Pedrera, Collegats, Catalunya

Griffon Vultures watching over La Pedrera in Collegats, Catalunya

Me leading Etern 7a+ La Pedrera, Collegats in Catalunya

Glenn on-sighting Arnalada at La Pedrera, Collegats - we went back later in the week and Glenn on-sighted Tita Bullida 7c which was a great effort (Tita Bullida heads straight up the tufa's directly from where he is in the picture. Here Glenn's heading right to finish Arnalada)

Great climbing at Vilanova de Meia, Terradets in Catalunya

We had a great week, fantastic climbing and inspired to get my self fitter for another trip early spring!

Safe climbing

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