The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Valsavarenche today & conditions

Fantastic weather again today but warm! -  it was 10 degrees when we got back to the car after climbing 'Rovenaud' in Valsavarenche today.

The temperature didn't matter though, as the ice was fat & in great shape, better still we didn't see anyone all day! I'm not sure if we even saw a car passing beneath us on the road heading up to Pont!

Dave entering the lower bowl of 'Rovenaud' after turning the initial chockstone

Dave seconding the 1st pitch on 'Rovenaud' grade 4, 150m - Valsavarenche

'Cascata Di Fenille' grade 4, 250m - Valsavarenche
A team can be seen here climbing the route, which looked in fantastic condition - just take care as there's a huge bowl above the route, which holds a lot of snow & the route avalanches frequently.

'Antares' grade 4, 110m - Valsavarenche
This classic route looks in fantastic condition, completely chocked full of ice

'Candalone Di Pont' grade 5, 70m - Valsavarenche
It's the best condition/form that I've seen this route in for a while, although it has seen a lot of sun & maybe looks a little thin in the upper section

'Chemins Des Tambures' grade 4+, 70m - Valsavarenche
This looked in great shape, well formed & thick ice

The classic 'Trip in the Night' grade 5/5+, 170m - Valsavarenche
The route's formed & complete although maybe looks a little thin in places - you'd need to go & have a look for yourselves!!

Dave seconding the 3rd pitch on 'Rovenaud' - Valsavarenche

Great conditions today & more ice in the valley than I've seen for some time - enjoy!

Safe climbing


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