The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Anorexia Norvosa

It's turned super warm here at the moment & it's been unbelievable that only last weekend we were seeing overnight temperatures of around minus 22 & now it's struggling to get below freezing.
So from trying to find routes in the sun, it's now those routes that are getting a hammering & it's the routes with little or no sun that are the focus - it was over 10 degrees in the sun yesterday!
The good thing is that the alpine snow higher up is fast transforming which will mean safe & fast access into the higher mountain routes.

That's been a little frustrating as we're heading home tomorrow, but we can't complain as we've had a great haul of routes & hopefully one first ascent in a little known remote valley north of Totem Tower.

Little snow has meant great access into the Ghost this past couple of weeks, so we headed into Orient Point in the South Ghost to check out a small remote valley west of Wicked Wanda that we hadn't been to before. The maps show the route facing north & sheltered in a small we went to check it out.

Anorexia Norvosa WI4, 140m - The Ghost Valley, Canada
Dean leading the 1st pitch on Anorexia Norvosa WI4, 140m - The Ghost Valley, Canada
Dean enjoying the 1st pitch on Anorexia Norvosa
Paul seconding the 1st pitch on Anorexia Norvosa
Me enjoying the narrows on the 1st pitch of Anorexia Norvosa
Paul leading the 2nd pitch on Anorexia Norvosa
Me leading the last pitch on Anorexia Norvosa
A fun day & great conditions in the Ghost yesterday............and a great finish to the trip.
Flying back to the UK today, but looks like there's been some great winter conditions in the Lakes while I've been away!!??
Safe climbing

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