The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

Monday, 25 November 2013

Tierra Col Hood Jacket review

Test Conditions:

I have carried the Tierra Col Hood Jacket with me most days in the Alps this summer and I have worn it most mornings and on summit days on most of the 4000m peaks I climbed. At times it made the difference summiting or turning back. It was a key piece in Canada last winter and Kyrgyzstan this autumn, where I practically lived in it.


I love the strong ethical stance that Tierra has stuck to throughout the company’s history and this jacket is no exception to that rule. The polyester is recycled, it’s packed with PrimaLoft Eco padding and the jacket is also carbon free so is massively better for the planet.
The outer shell, made from 100% recycled polyester, was totally windproof even when summiting Mt Blanc in gale force winds and freezing temperatures. Even at minus 20 in a howling gale high on the Bossons Ridge nearing the summit I felt warm and snug, thanks to the generous layer of PrimaLoft Eco insulation keeping me warm.
The design is simple, but totally functional. The Polyester outer may not be the hardest wearing of fabrics, but it’s light, packs up small, is warm and a fantastic secondary layer. As a mountain guide I can’t recommend it enough to anyone setting off to tackle the higher Alpine Peaks, the greater ranges or winter climbing in the UK and beyond.

 This summer on the summit of Mt Blanc 4810m

The Col Hood is designed with a little space to fit over a fleece, soft shell or your Roc Blanc jacket. Having said that it’s a trimmer fit than many of the other insulated jackets I’ve used in the past, with a generous arm length and overall jacket length dropping down just below your harness belt keeping your lower back toasty. A 2-way zip allows you to belay and tie on without any fuss and it has a chest pocket ample enough for a map and compass. Two low front hand warmer pockets finish off the outer shell of the jacket. The hood is a good fit over my helmet and has a double adjustment system to keep it well cinched up and stops it flapping around in the worst conditions.

The synthetic nature of the jacket makes it a no-nonsense jacket for warmth in all weathers and conditions, even when wet it keeps you dry. The polyester outer is both windproof and water repellent. But what it’s not is a huge winter duvet that’s heavy and bulky to carry and restrictive when climbing. The Col Hood is light (only 430g) packs up small but has enough PrimaLoft Eco fill for some of the worst weather while out on the move.
The weather in the Lakes has changed and I find I’m pulling out the Col Hood more often than not to use as a warm outer layer that’s light and comfortable when heading down to the bouldering gym or into town on an errand! 


If you haven’t got one buy one!  It will become your number one best friend both on the hill and kicking around town.

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