The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

Monday, 24 February 2014

Ice update

Super busy this past week...........

I headed back to Ollomont and we climbed Sodoma WI5, Valpelline.

We then went back to a valley which I had a poke around in last week, as I spied these 2 amazing looking unclimbed ice lines.

Unfortunately though, after a few hours of snow shoeing (through deep unconsolidated snow!) to get to a good enough view point to see if it was climbable, we found that the sun had already done to much damage. You can see some gaps in the ice on the lower pitches of the right-hand line - next time!

We headed over to Cogne and climbed Patri - we took this photo looking across to a team climbing Patri de Gauche

A view back up towards Patri de Gauche WI4 and Patri de Droite WI4+/5

A team in front of us on Patri de Droite, Valnonty, Cogne.

We headed up to Lillaz and walked into Valeille today and climbed Stella Artice WI5
Me climbing the steep 2nd pitch

A view up to the top pitches on Stella Artice, Valeille, Cogne.

Jerry enjoying the ice on the 4th pitch of Stella Atrice

Abseiling down the main pillar, a team where climbing the steep 2nd pitch

Amazing weather and great conditions today on Stella Artice

Teams on Tuborg - WI4+/5 today, which looked in great condition

Teams on Candelabro del Coyote WI4+ again which looked in great condition today

Still very good conditions here in Cogne, although be careful in the full sun and early morning as it's been -16 degrees overnight and the ice is getting a hard freeze overnight.

Stay safe


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