The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Tuborg today

-4 degrees this morning and snowing heavily, so a lot warmer than it has been this past few days here in Valnontey, Cogne.

We headed up into Valeille and climbed Tuborg WI4+/5

The view of Tuborg seen from when we were on Stella Artice a couple of days ago.

Looking up at the top half of the first steep WI4+/5 pitch of Tuborg on the approach today.

Colin leading the 2nd pitch on Tuborg, Valeille, Cogne.

Jerry enjoying the ice on the 2nd pitch of Tuborg today.

Colin 'focused' while leading the 2nd pitch of Tuborg today.

Jerry leading the 3rd pitch on Tuborg today.

Only in Italy! 

I took this image while belaying at the top of the 1st pitch on Tuborg today - A team climbing the super steep and very rarely formed pillar called 'Hard Ice Direct' WI6X

The pillar of 'Hard Ice Direct' seen when we walked below it, on the way back from climbing Stella Artice a couple of days ago.

A team yesterday climbing Inachevee Conception WI5+/M6, Valeille, Cogne.

Still very good conditions here in Cogne, although maybe 10cm of new snow has fallen above the village of Lillaz today, so maybe a little caution of bigger accumulations in some of the higher bowls and gully systems.

Safe climbing

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