The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

Monday, 31 January 2011

Over in Cogne

I'm climbing in and around Cogne this week.

Conditions here are very good at the moment with the ice in good shape & overnight temperatures of around minus 5.

After driving over we headed up and climbed Lauson, which was in the best shape I'd seen it in for some time. Ingnegneria also looked in great shape getting a couple of ascents during the short time we were there.

A climber on Lauson & Ingnegneria (the steep pillar) on the left

A climber nearing the top of the first pitch of Lauson

A climber seconding the first pitch of Ingnegneria

A few cm of snow yesterday & overnight, which petered out mid morning - cold again minus 5.

We headed up Valnontey and climbed Patri de droite which was great fun. It's a beautiful route and a real classic of the valley. You get a real feeling of being in the mountains, the rock scenery is amazing as are the views.

The line of Patri de droite with Patri de gauche just visible - both routes share the same first 3 pitches then split & take independent lines at the top

1st pitch of Patri

Looking out the ice cave at the top of the 1st pitch of Patri - The icefall you can see on the other side of the valley is Di Fronte al Tradimento with the Colonnato Central touching down which is rare.

The third main pitch on Patri with the top pitches just visible
A view of the top pitches of Patri - Patri de gauche & the steeper Patri de droite

A climber on Patri de gauche

Looking up at Patri de droite

Across the valley we had good views of Di Fronte al Tradimento with the rarely formed Colonnato Centrale touching down on the left & Erfaulet on the right

Off to Valeille tomorrow.

Safe climbing

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