The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Valsavarenche today

We drove around to Valsavarenche today, it was minus 13 at La Barme in Valnontey this morning but high cloud swept in bringing a warm wind & it was 10 degrees when we got back to the car mid-afternoon!

A quick check of the meteo when we got back revealed that in fact it's going to be another week of beau soleil - Ho hum!

Anyway, we had a great day climbing Rovenaud, which in about half way up Valsavarenche just above the small hamlet of the same name. The route was in great condition & a few short steps led to the first main pitch.

A climber on the 1st main pitch of Rovenaud

A team heading up the 1st pitch of Rovenaud after we'd abseiled down

Jesper topping out of the 1st pitch on Rovenaud

The canyon continues with a short walk around the corner, with the canyon becoming deeper & more atmospheric, with a steeper second pitch.

Abseling back down the 2nd main pitch of Rovenaud

Me leading the steeper 2nd pitch of Rovenaud

Placche De Rovenaud just to the right of the ice route Rovenaud which we climbed today

There are a number of harder 2 pitch routes which have all formed well this year and look in great condition. The routes form initial steep slabs leading to long vertical pillars which have all had a number of ascents recently.

Good climbing


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