The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Slovenijan Ice

I arrived back from Slovenija yesterday, after a very inspiring trip into the Julian Alps. We landed in Ljubljana & then spent the night with a friend in Kamnik just NW of the city close to the airport.

Marko greeted us with his familiar smile & endless energy giving us as much help as he could to make the trip a great experience. 

The next morning Twid & I headed up into a hut in the mountains of the Julian Alps, only to wake up to 45cm of fresh snow which had settled quietly outside.

Fresh snow in the Triglav National Park, Julian Alps, Slovenija

The forecast had mentioned snow but nowhere near this much, it had also talked about warmer temperatures & sunshine for the rest of the week. We didn’t need to say much, we just packed up our things, gave the hut a good brush through & headed out. We again connected the haul bag using slings & old tat constructing a make shift harness around our ruc-sacs & just started dragging the bag back down the valley we’d dragged it up the previous day!

I’m sure below is the smile from Twid who's been sat on the bag & taking a ride while my back's been turned! well it felt like it anyway! Come to think of it, I did wonder why he wanted to drag the bag in series with me in front!

Twid enjoying the hard slog, as we bailed out of the mountains after very heavy snowfall.

So we had a change of plan & went icefall climbing, exploring the surrounding valley’s & mountains while having a great time.

The cirque of Cljov- Slap Pod Bavhom, Val Koritnica, Log Pod Manartom
Icefall Psihoanaliza on the left, Psiho Direct in the middle & Desni Cljov on the right

Twid heading up easier ground to the start of Psihoanaliza,Val Koritnica

Me heading up the 2nd pitch of Psihoanaliza, Val Koritnica

Twid leaving the belay at the start of pitch 3 with the beautiful Pk Mangart on the other side of the valley just poking out of the clouds.

Cirque Cljov seen here on the side of Val Kortnica with the huge & impressive faces of Pk Plesivec & Pk Bavh Towering above

The Cirque Pichico, Val Dogna, Dogna

Cirque Pichico in Val Dogna
Icefall Prerok on the left, Pichico in the middle & our route on the right finishing up the top pitch of Pichico

Twid leading the 1st pitch of our route in the Cirque Pichico, Val Dogna

Twid high on the 1st pitch of our route in the Cirque Pichico, Val Dogna

Me leading the top pitch of Pichico in the Cirque Pichico, Val Dogna

The Cirque Agrro in Val Dogna, Dogna
Icefall Agrro on the left, then Ronin, A New Hope & The Fly on the right

The beautiful steep pillar of Nosorog in Val Dogna

Twid leading the steep pillar Nosorog in Val Dogna

Twid having a great time high on Nosorog in Val Dogna

The icefalls of Lucifer,near Kranjska Gora
 An unknown climber on Lucifer left

Twid heading up the 1st main pitch climbing Lucifer right

Many thanks for the doss Marko, I enjoyed the local vino & great conversation!

Very inspiring, I'm already making plans for my next trip!

Safe climbing


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