The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


We had a fantastic evening at Reecastle, the sun was still warm & high in the sky (thanks to the extra hour) & the friction was amazing, I’ve never seen the crag this dry. It’s a stunning, steep, barrel shaped crag of immaculate volcanic rock up in Watendlath in the Borrowdale Valley, 10mins from the road.

Reecastle, Watendlath, Borrowdale
The quality of the climbing on Reecastle is second to none with an added bonus of good wire/friend placements when you need them - but it’s very steep & very very pumpy! A great early season workout! I led White Noise which is a classic of the crag & one of the super classic E3's in the Lakes.

Woody working hard on Guillotine, Reecastle, Borrowdale

Selected Reecastle topo -
A - The Torture Board E7
B - Grievous Bodily Arm E7
C - Daylight Robbery E6
D - Penal Servitude E5
E - White Noise E3
F - Rack Direct E2
G - The Rack - Finger Flake Finish E2
H - Guillotine E3
I - Thumbscrew E3
J - The Gibbet E1
K - Breach of the Peace E7
KL - Short Sharp Shock E6

Really looking forward to getting back there again in the near future - the climbing's awesome.
Doing some final packing today as I'm off to OZ tomorrow morning, so travelling south this afternoon - really looking forward to getting into the Blue Mountains & hopefully down to the steep sandstone seacliffs of Point Perpendicular. 
Dean a good friend of mine, who we're going over to spend some time with lives just north of Sydney. He's a super keen climber & is keen to get into the Pierces Pass area of the Blue Mountains & it just looks fantastic, long multi-pitch routes...........check out the link -
Good adventures

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