The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

Monday, 18 February 2013

Alps ice today

Arrived back in Leysin on Friday......buckets of snow & great skiing.

Views over to Les Diablerets from Leysin

Great snow & fresh tracks..............I went for a short ski tour on Saturday around Leysin

Headed over to Cogne in Italy on Sunday..........

Me leading the 2nd pitch of Gran Val in Valnonty, Cogne.

Great weather & conditions here at the moment, with very little snow. All the snow's hit the northern part of the Alps & just south of the range there's nothing, which is great for the ice climbing.
It's been cold here though, with temperatures around -15 for the past 2 weeks...........which coupled with the warm daytime temperatures the ice has stayed in great shape & more ice formed.

Lillaz Gully today in - fantastic conditions

Me leading the 1st pitch in Lillaz Gully, Valaille, Cogne.

Great conditions - me heading up the 4th pitch in Lillaz Gully, Cogne

Stuart finishing up the top of the 4th pitch in Lillaz Gully

Looking up the 5th pitch in Lillaz Gully today in Cogne

Stuart working through the steep & narrow 6th pitch in Lillaz Gully

Darren enjoying the 6th pitch, working through the narrow steep steps in Lillaz Gully

Darren pulling over the top of the steep mixed section in Lillaz Gully

Great climbing & great weather here in Cogne at the moment - Chatting to Dave Hollinger a little earlier (another Guide) he climbed Cascade Thoule & Lauson today in Valnonty & said that they to were in great condition.

Very cold again this morning & the ice first thing was very cold, so be careful first thing on anything super steep & a little more fragile!

Enjoy & stay safe



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