The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Great ice in Valnontey today

Headed up Valnontey today & climbed Patri - amazing weather here & some great ice.

Patri de Droite grade 5 & the rarely formed Directissime de Patri on the left.

The upper pitches of Patri de Gauche, Directissime de Patri & Patri de Droite

Stuart enjoying the final narrow gully on Patri de Gauche 250m grade 4 - Valnontey, Cogne

A couple of other routes looked in great condition on the other side of the valley.......... 

Di Fronte al Tradimento - Colonnato Centrale - grade 6

Erfaulet - grade 5, 140m

Caution though...........take care on these routes & others around/above 2000m with south facing slopes above them....... as we saw a number of big slab avalanches today, from snow accumulated over the last week & released by the intense heat in the sun at the moment. Both these routes on the other side of the valley today were washed out by big avalanches - sunny south facing slopes above them.

Enjoy the great ice here at the moment.

Stay safe


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