The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

Friday, 24 May 2013

Tierra Roc Blanc Jacket review

Tierra Roc Blanc Jacket test & review


I’ve worn the Tierra Roc Blanc Jacket for about 10 weeks this winter, icefall climbing in both the European Alps & the Canadian Rockies – which equates to over 50 days climbing ice & mixed routes


The Roc Blanc uses a three layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell membrane with a brand new top face fabric. Pro Shell is best for extended trips in severe conditions. It’s less breathable than the Tierra Rockette Active Shell, but its solid no nonsense membrane makes it warmer & more durable than the Tierra Rockette Active Shell, which in turn makes it far better suited for trips into the higher mountains in both summer & winter where you’ll encounter the worst in what the weather can throw at you.


The Roc Blanc’s a very good tailored fit, they call it ‘athletic’ but I’m not sure that I’d fit that! It’s great though, feeling very trim with no access, but being well articulated at the same time. When placing the ice tools above your head the jacket doesn’t ride up above your harness. The sleeves are long & a good length, especially for someone like myself who stands up at 6ft. The sleeves again are well cut, so that when you need to stretch out the cuffs stay where they should & don’t ride up your arm. The sleeve cut & articulation is made even trimmer due to the under arm ‘pit’ zips being off-set towards to the front of the jacket & not bulking up the area underneath the arm ‘pit’. 


The jackets well designed & very functional. The lines are clean with minimal excess due to the trim fit.  Two crossover chest pockets provide quick & easy access & a good size to fit a map, spare gloves or knife & abseil tat. Unlike most jackets the Roc Blanc has unique ventilation zips that sit just in-front of the arm rather than underneath the arm which are sometimes awkward to open & close. These zips allow easy access when on the move & when ventilation is a priority. The sleeve cuffs have good strong Velcro fasteners which really wrap around & seal the wrist. The storm hood’s a good size allowing the helmet to fit neatly underneath it. The wired peak keeps off the worst of the weather & gives it a great shape. Neat hood adjusters thread back neatly inside the jacket, but at the same time can be adjusted from outside with gloves on. The zips throughout are totally waterproof, neat & don’t feel like they’re going to fail any time soon! The draw cord at the base of the jacket can be used to tailor the fit even further.


It’s a solid no-nonsense jacket which looks great, is well designed, functional & a lovely trim fit.

Stay safe

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