The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wicked Wanda in the Ghost, Canadian Rockies

Keirnan leading the classic Wicked Wanda in the Ghost, Canadian Rockies

The route is known for the beating it gets from the Chinook Winds. The scars are clearly visible, funky skeletal ice sculptures and umbrellas of thin fragile overhanging ice, giving the route it’s character & seriousness.

Looking up at the top pitch of Wicked Wanda

Dean leading the main event, Wicked Wanda the Ghost

The Ghost valley area is known as the dry range situated east of the Bow Valley, over Devils Gap.

Heading out of the Ghost in fading light, after a long day

Access is difficult and only by a decent 4x4. Your on your own when you're in there, no RAC recovery is going to help, for starters there's no mobile reception. You'll need to be totally self sufficient, so pack a shovel and warm clothes etc.
You'll spend a good hour fording icy streams & rivers, battling with huge snow drifts and just basically find the right way. Once at the parking is best to either snow shoe or ski into the routes as some of the approaches are long.

Dean leading the 3rd pitch on The Sorcerer

Everyday in the Ghost is an adventure, not even knowing if you'll get into the routes let alone climb them, but persevere and don't be put off as the climbing in the Ghost is absolutely world class.

Me leading the 4th pitch on The Sorcerer


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