The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Around the Sella Ronda

We had some great adventures in the Dolomites last week, climbing & skiing around Corvara & the Sella Gruppe............

The picturesque village of Corvara in the Alta Badia region of the Italian Dolomites, with the fortified limestone summit of Sassongher towering behind.

The icefalls of Colfosco close to Corvara on the way up to Passo Gardena.
La Spada di Damocle - grade 4+ 120m on the left
Solo per Pochi - grade 5 110m in the middle
Brivido Sottile - grade 5+ 135m on the right

Solo per Pochi on the left & Brivido Sottile on the right

The Classic - La Spada di Damocle

Enjoying the steep 2nd pitch of La Spada di Damocle

Abseiling the 2nd pitch of La Spada di Damocle

Me walking out, back down to Colfosco with my new Grivel Matrix ice tools strapped to my sac - I'm loving these tools this winter, the balance & feel is just right, with good clearance even on the most featured ice & a generous heel spur accommodating big gloved hands comfortably.  

A view back up to the ice routes of Colfosco on the left & the Passo Gardena on the right 

Having some fun skiing the Sella Ronda

The skiing & views on the Sella Ronda are some of the best in the Alps

Icefall climbing in the Sottoguda Gorge

A view back down the Sottoguda Gorge with oe of the 1st routes you get to the sunny & classic Cascata del Sole grade 3+ just visible.

The icefalls of La Catterdrale in the middle of the Gorge de Sottoguda
Ramo Sinistro - grade 5+ 100m on the left
Ramo Centrale - grade 5 in the middle
Ramo Destro - grade 4+ on the right 

Enjoyng Ramo Centrale in leaner conditions than normal on the classic La Catterdrale in the Gorge Sottguda

 Lean conditions on the classic Cascata delle Attraversate - grade 4 100m 

The super classic in Sottoguda is Excalibur - grade 4+ 110m 

The beautiful villae of Pieve di Livinallongo perched on the side of the hill with the summit of Piz Pordoi & the Sella Gruppe behind.

The stricking limestone cliffs of Sassongher behind Corvara in the Alta Badia

A great week climbing & skiing, but just not long enough!

Safe climbing


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