The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

The Sorcerer, Ghost Valley

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A night in Chamonix

I’m lying awake, listening to the rain banging a random tune on the copper roof next door. The broken down pipe doesn’t do anything to soften the din but just adds more accompaniment & more frustration as it’s 4am in the morning & I’m still awake! Or was it the after meal coffee over at Bruce’s this evening which is still buzzing around my head, I knew I should have said no! Coffee is definitely a weakness! Bruce spent yesterday wading through 30cms of fresh snow up on the Cosmiques Arete although had the maturity & experience to stop & sort the ropes while a keen Aspirant guide ploughed through & made life a little more pleasant! Still raining. I get back on the computer & run over this evening’s meeting again, a Conference Skype call between the Training Committee of the BMG – 7 new applications to get on the BMG scheme, all many pages of experience long in all aspects of climbing & skiing so you can guess it wasn’t a short call and one which was still floating around in my sub-conscience. Skype call – ‘fancy a chat?’ Dean over in OZ is up & about & saw that I was on-line which is a rarely at this time of day unless I’m plodding up a frozen glacier somewhere.

How’s it going Ade as Dean reclines in the office chair with the sun beaming in through the window to one side. We chew the fat for an hour - the new Lakes winter guide coming out & our new routes, discussions about Birkett’s new route up on East Buttress & Brian’s stance on it, what climbing we’d both been up to, Woody not working the Epi Centre anymore & their loss, outdoor shops in general & Leo saying that the Berghaus Extrem range only making up for 3% of the overall sales, what it all means, ice tools & rock shoes, future trips & talking through dates, Norway, Slovenija.... families…………….I need to get some sleep, see you in July & we signed off. I shut the lid of the laptop & rolled over & fell asleep.

Marko Prezelj inspiring me with some of his Norway Photo's - fantastic shots

Still raining, still accompanied by the broken down pipe & now hovering next door, aarrggghh…..I shower & head down for a tea, breakfast finished 2 hours ago, so I raid the kitchen for a couple of yoghurts & a banana. It’s a great spot Chalet Whymper, super close & walking distance from Chamonix centre, cheap……My text goes off & it’s Leo back from Corsica ‘you around for climbing today, it’s sunny!’ – great I thought looking out the window. The text pings again, it’s Woody ‘round 2 with the Phoenix yesterday & I nailed it’ – good on ya mate, great effort, sorry Leo hanging out in Chamonix at the moment, catch up when I get back. Ping, you around for a brew today or bike ride? No Nigel catch up when  I get back. It’s stopped raining so I check the weather – more to come & tomorrow as well, getting better Thursday & Friday. Paul over on Saturday, hope the weather chirps up & snow settles down. The mobile pings again I’m downstairs where are you? I pick up my rock shoes & harness & head down the indoor wall.

Safe climbing


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